How to Make a Hygge Reading Nook by Charlotte Abrahams

  • Posted 17/11/2016

How to Make a Hygge Reading Nook by Charlotte Abrahams


In an ideal world, all books would be read from the cocooning depths of an Arne Jacobsen Egg chair, but since the world is not ideal, here are five tips on how to create a hygge reading nook.

1. Find a chair large enough to curl into.
2. Add cushions and a very large, very soft blanket
3. Position the chair in a corner, preferably near a real fire, but a cluster of candles on a nearby surface will do
4. Place a reading light to one side of the chair and turn down all the other lights in the room.
5. Throw a shaggy rug at the foot of the chair and a place table close enough to reach. Make sure it is large enough to hold a mug and a slice of cake.

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