• Posted on 05/08/2015


Historical crime novelist Sara Sheridan shares her favourite things about bookshops in celebration of Books Are My Bag 2014.

I grew up in a house where there were hardly any books at all. I was introduced to the library when I was six or seven and that was a shock. I  thought my love of reading was unusual (in my family, it was) and I blithely assumed that there were, I don’t know, perhaps a hundred books in the  world. A hundred seemed a lot. Walking into the library I felt quite overwhelmed at first. I’d read every book we had at home – but this was going to  take longer. As an adult I admire that spirit! I still haven’t read all the books in the library – not half.Later in an era of pocket money, I discovered  bookshops. Specifically, in Edinburgh, I discovered Thin’s, which is now Blackwell’s. It is still one of my favourite bookshops and I seldom go there  without striking up a conversation about reading, not with the staff but with other browsers. I’ve had some stunning recommendations over the years  from fellow Blackwell’s Edinburgh customers including The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry Garrard which is one of my favourite non-  fiction reads....

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