Welcome, publishers, to the Books Are My Bag campaign.  You’re here because you care about bookshops. Here is how you can be part of BOOKS ARE MY BAG:

- Get as many authors as possible into bookshops for #BookshopDay on Saturday, October 8th
- Get in touch with BOOKS ARE MY BAG Events Co-ordinator, Jo James:
- Order Bags
- Use the BOOKS ARE MY BAG signature on your website or email.
- Use social media to add your voice to the campaign that says ‘The best place to love books is a bookshop’
- Follow @booksaremybag on Twitter and use #BAMB to keep up with campaign activity
- Visit the campaign on Facebook
- Post your Pinterest images on the campaign page on
- Visit Instagram and post images there too @booksaremybag
- And keep those photographs of People of Note – especially authors published this autumn – coming… Remember, BOOKS ARE MY BAG needs:
 -- a high res image of your People of Note with the campaign bag
 -- a quote from them giving their favourite book and their favourite bookshop