Authors Love Bookshops

Author Testimonials

Authors really do love bookshops.  Here is a selection of the wonderful testimonials we've received from authors about how important bookshops are to them:

Sarah-Waters-Dulwich-Books-IBW-2015-025-(1).jpgSarah Waters
“Imagine a world without independent bookshops - horrible! They're such special places: the products of care, knowledge and enthusiasm, of a passion for reading and for sharing ideas. Some of my most memorable purchases have been made in independent bookshops, and many of the most inspiring people I've met, as a reader and a writer, have been the hardworking booksellers to whom I've handed my cash. Forget online buying. Where's the excitement in that? For sheer visceral pleasure, bookshop-browsing is impossible to beat.”

Debi Gliori
"I love to browse when I buy a book - the weight of the paper, the feel of the whole book, the layout of the pages; all these are things that you can only find in a bookshop. I also enjoy talking about books with the bookseller; finding out if they’ve read what I’m looking at, what they think of it, what else they would recommend. Almost like a bonsai book group - sometimes other customers in the shop will chime in with their suggestions and thoughts. It’s a social and financial exchange, buying a book from a bookshop. Buying online is pure commerce."

William-Boyd-at-The-London-Book-Fair-2013-Books-Are-My-Bag-picture.jpgWilliam Boyd
"Like the button, the wheelbarrow, the spoon and the umbrella, the printed book is one of the truly great inventions of humankind -- beautifully efficient and enduringly ideal.  The place to acquire these wonderful objects is in a bookshop, where thousands upon thousands of varieties await you.  There is no substitute for the real thing.  My favourite bookshop is John Sandoe Books, Blacklands Terrace, Chelsea, SW3"

Emily Mackenzie
“I love going into bookshops and forgetting what's going on in world outside the front door. Whether it's just for a 5 minute browse or an hour long splurge, I feel a sense of calm in shutting down everything else going on on my inner to-do list and focussing on the exciting new discoveries in front of me. 
I've never been in a bookshop I haven't found peaceful and guarantee you will always find something new and beautiful you haven't seen/read before no matter what bookshop you go too - and the search can be just as fun as reading what you find at the end!”


Pamela Butchart

“I love visiting a bookshop for the first time. I always make a bee-line for the children's section to see what's been done with it. I've discovered some gorgeous children's sections recently, and I'm always on the look-out for more!”


Elen Caldecott
“Bookshops help me discover new voices who will hopefully become new friends.”


Brian-Conaghan-BAMB-(1).JPGBrian Conaghan
“I love the explosion of colours that a bookshop gives me; I love looking at the brilliant, bizarre and barmy covers that adorn the shelves. I like checking what other customers are sticking their noses into and love how some of them have unwittingly influenced my own reading over the years. The internet can’t provide that for me, it can’t provide that sense of community and, importantly, I can’t bloody smell it!”

Natasha CarthewNatasha-Carthew-books-are-my-bag.JPG
“Without independent bookshops there would be no great new authors to discover because no publisher would take a risk by publishing anything less than an instant bestseller.  They do everything big corporate bookshops do, but with one significant difference; Independents do it better.”

Sara-Crowe.jpgSara Crowe
“There is something about being among all those books. It may be a cold gloomy day beyond the bookshop doors, but inside you can be swept away to other parts of the world, to adventure and other stories.  Bookshops often play a central role in community, a real place to go and browse, have a chat and maybe order up some dreams.”
Nicci & Sean French
“Any bookshop is bigger than the whole world, a place of community and dreams and ideas and escape.”Nicci-French.jpg