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About The Campaign

BOOKS ARE MY BAG is a nationwide campaign to celebrate bookshops. This collaboration between publishers, bookshops and authors is the biggest ever promotion of bookshops. For many people bookshops conjure fond images of book readings, in-store cafes and delight at the discovery of a new author. In fact, 56% of all book buying decisions are made by consumers in a bookshop and high street bookshops (both chains and independents) still account for almost 40% of books bought by consumers. Yet, many high street bookshops are under threat.

The campaign launched in 2013 and was devised pro bono by M&C Saatchi and was inspired by the precepts of Lord Maurice Saatchi’s Brutal Simplicity of Thought, http://tinyurl.com/k3nhufc

The 2014 campaign saw a three-day festivity take place, launching on Thursday 9th October, Super Thursday in the publishing calendar and finished on Saturday 11th October with Big Bookshop Parties. Award-winning British Artist Tracey Emin designed a limited-edition tote bag for the campaign.

The Bookshop Book  The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell - The Official Book for Books Are My Bag 2014                     Books Are My Bag Official Book
  From the oldest bookshop in the world, to the smallest you could imagine, and from bookshops in
  barns to those in churches, The Bookshop Book explores the history of bookshops and books,
  reveals author favourite literary haunts and examines over two hundred weird and wonderful
  shops worldwide.
  The Bookshop Book is a love letter to bookshops all around the world. Be sure to pick up a copy!
  Jen Campbell is the author of the best-selling Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops series, which was subsequently featured on Radio 4. She's is also an   award-winning poet and short story writer. She works at an antiquarian bookshop in London.
Constable & Robinson, £12.99
Hardback, 2nd October 2014
ISBN: 9781472116666

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